102 CAFE


Our Mission

Customer Service

We is committed to providing the best possible customer service to everyone.


By using organic ingredients, we are ensuring higher quality drink, better taste, and healthiness.

The Vibe

Not just drinks, we offer events and activities to make 102 Cafe is One Of A Kind

We are the first

Yes! We are the first Vietnamese acoustic cafe in the Orange County. Begin as June 2017, we hosted tons of acoustic events for different bands (Webro, VJam, Skyline, Ethos Church, …).

Authentic Coffee

Using Phin (Vietnamese filter) will make the good bold taste coffee

Signature Drinks

From Peach Tea Citrus to Signature Milk Drink, those are one of a kind drinks

Other Drinks

Healthy smoothies, fresh lemonade, fruity flavored tea. What else you want?

Most Popular Drinks


Vietnamese Coffee

Phin Black Coffee mixes with condensed milk and topped with coffee ice cubes

Signature Milk Drink

Half & Half mixed with signature syrup, caramel drizzle, grass jelly & egg pudding

House Special Coffee

Phin Black Coffee mixes with condensed milk, house cream & coffee ice cubes

Peach Tea Citrus

Green Tea mixed with the orange slices, lemongrass extract & peach fruit

Royal Herbal Drink

Chrysanthemum tea mixes with grass jelly, rainbow jelly & dried longan fruit

Berry Leafy

Green tea mixes with lemon slices, strawberry fruit, mint & basil leaves.

Great Taste Comes With Organic Ingredients

We use organic loose leaf teas, real cane sugar, and fresh fruits for better tea, milk tea, refreshing lemonade & healthy smoothies. Come and give a try!

102 Cafe

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12908 Main St

Garden Grove, CA 92840

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Open Hours

M-T: 8am – 9pm

Fri,Sat: 8am – 11pm

Sun: 10am – 9pm